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Some Unexpected Creative Input

One of the nice things about living where I do is that my patio is basically an extension of my house, and in fact it’s my favourite place to work — peaceful, lush and green, and plenty of birds and other little critters running around to entertain me. There’s a trellis that runs over the […]

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One Page Checkout — Holy Grail or Wholly Confusing?

One of the historic criticisms of Miva Merchant has been the number of steps it takes to get through the checkout. Ask people whether or not they want to create an account. If they have an account, make them log in. Ask for shipping and billing information. Throw some upsales at them and hope they’ll […]

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Search Friendly Links in Miva

There’s been some animated discussion over the last several days on the Miva 5 User Group Forum about the use of Search Friendly Links, with some thought-provoking input from some of the “heavy hitters” in the Miva and ecommerce marketing communities. Just exactly what is this hype all about, though? Well, let’s start by taking […]

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