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Sometimes it's ok to fudge it

I stumbled across a laundry list of “Popular Web Design Links” over the weekend, and I’ve been having quite a spiffin’ time poking around other peoples’ blogs and forums, and reading posts and their related comments. I came across some interesting tidbits, had a few “aha” moments, and a little bit of just good old-fashioned […]

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Miva Merchant: A Store Morph Technology Mini-Primer

When Miva Merchant released MM5, they revolutionized the way the software worked “out of the box” and opened a whole new world of customization to ecommerce store owners. Using Store Morph Technology (SMT), store owners could completely and…well, I was going to say easily customize their stores to suit their needs, but the truth is that at first glance, SMT isn’t in fact all that easy.

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