Miva Merchant Quick Tip: What to Do When Your Payment Gateway Fails

A fire at the Authorize.net data center has caused massive disruptions in payment processing for ecommerce sites across the country today. Fortunately for Miva Merchant store owners, having your gateway go down doesn’t have to mean that you stop taking orders. By switching your payment method to Credit Card Payment with Simple Validation, you can keep your store humming along until your gateway service is restored.

Set up Simple Validation and Disable the Non-Functioning Gateway

  1. The first thing you need to do is to log in to your admin, and from the menu options at left, select Payment Settings. Check the box beside Credit Card Payment with Simple Validation and click Update.
  2. A new tab will appear, which will allow you to configure your credit card settings. By default, this module accepts American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa. If you don’t accept one or more of those cards, simply check the box beside it, and click Update. This will remove it from your settings.
  3. Next, you need to disable the crippled payment gateway so it won’t show up in your payment dropdown. You can’t simply unassign it, because it will likely have existing orders associated with it. Instead, click the plus sign to expand Global Settings, and click the link for Modules. In the search box, enter the name of your gateway, and click Go.
  4. Find the gateway in the search results, and click the Edit button. Uncheck the box beside Active, and click Update.

Set Up Encryption

When you’re using simple validation, it’s very important to be certain that you have set up Order Encryption so that your data is securely stored.

  1. In the admin, click Order Processing. Click Store Encryption. Click Add Encryption Key.
  2. Choose an Encryption Prompt that will help you remember the key if you should forget it, and enter it in the Encryption Prompt input.
  3. Type your Encryption Pass Phrase, and then verify it. Choose a strong pass phrase. It should be at least 6-8 characters long and include both upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and/or punctuation marks.
  4. Write down your pass phrase in a secure location where you won’t lose it. If you forget your pass phrase, you will not be able to decrypt your orders and will be unable to process them.

Once you have your new payment method set up, test your store by completing test orders using each of the available methods.

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