Taking Care of Business – Calendaring Important Web Events

On Friday, I got the sort of email every web developer dreads. The subject line…”BIG Problem”…said it all. The fact that I had spent that morning doing some updates on the site didn’t help my sinking feeling. My first thought, naturally, was that I had overlooked some major layout issue, and the site had gone haywire. In this case, though, it was something far more serious.

It turned out that the site’s security certificate had expired the day before. For this very busy ecommerce site, doing in excess of $1 million per year in online sales, an expired certificate, even for only a short period of time, meant significant revenue loss. I jumped in and tracked down the security certificate’s renewal information, helped the site owner generate and collect the information needed for the renewal process, and had the host set up a temporary shared certificate so that the site wouldn’t continue to lose sales while the security certificate company’s validation process was being completed.

Fortunately, we were able to minimize the damage that this administrative lapse might have caused, but it’s an important reminder to us all. Don’t rely on renewal emails for important details related to your website. You never know when they might go astray. Take the time to calendar your important web events:

  1. Domain registration renewal
  2. Security certificate expiration
  3. Web hosting contract renewal
  4. Software license renewals

This simple step can save you big headaches, and big bucks. Take control of your site. Take control of your business. You’ll be glad you did.

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