A Great Read for Geeks R Us!

I am often contacted asking for recommendations of resources for learning to build websites, and the first place I usually send people is htmldog.com There are tutorials on the site for the beginner and the advanced user alike, all of which are carefully thought out and based on best practices in web design. I occasionally breeze through there looking for a new perspective on how to accomplish a goal I may have for a given site, and I was delighted the last time I stopped by to see that Patrick Griffiths has published a book: HTML Dog, The Best Practice Guide to XHTML and CSS. I promptly snapped up a copy, which arrived on Saturday, and I have hardly put it down since!

Although the writing style is distinctly light-hearted, it is clear that author Patrick Griffiths takes best practice web design very seriously. If you’re interested in learning to build websites the right way, this book is an excellent read, and even advanced designers can learn a trick or two.

Thumbnail book cover copyright Patrick Griffiths. Reprinted with permission.

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