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I always like to start the New Year with a little cleaning and organizing of my browser bookmarks. The fresh clean New Year seems like the perfect time to go in and review all those handy links I just knew I needed, but didn’t take the time to properly categorize or describe.

I’ve spent several hours this morning going through my bookmarks, clicking each link to make sure it was still live, and sorting them into proper categories. As I do each year, I came across some fun and useful things I had forgotten I had, and I thought I would share a few of them with you. I tried not to include too many of the links that, while good quality, can be found easily enough on your own with a quick search, but some were just too good to leave out.

CSS Stuff

Based on the number of links I had on the subject, I seem to have an obsession with 3 column layouts, although frankly I don’t design many sites that use them, so I can’t imagine why I’m so interested. Here are some of the better resources on the subject.

The quest for equal height columns creates another CSS layout issue that plagues developers. The best, most elegant solution I’ve found (I used it in the layout for this site) is one laid out in a Sitepoint forum post by Dan Schulz. His passing last year was a tragic loss; this layout technique is just one of the many gifts he gave the online community.

CSS and Browser Compatability

Every web designer who uses css-based layouts has spent many an hour tearing their hair out over trying to get their layout to work properly in all browsers. Here are a few handy references, and one interesting idea for managing browser issues using .htaccess.


These resources are bits and pieces I’ve picked up in my travels as I’ve expanded my php skills. They are mostly aimed at php beginners, and are in no particular order.


I confess. I hate javascript. I have a lot of respect for its ability to expand and enhance the user experience on the web, but working with it makes me crazy. Nevertheless, I have, over the years, found some nifty uses for it, a couple of which appear below.

Bits & Pieces

And finally, because no one should work all the time, one of my favorite brain squish breaks: Mr. Picassohead.

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