Creating a Useful Spreadsheet From Miva Merchant Order Export Data

Any user of Miva Merchant knows that the standard order export file is not exactly useful in the format in which it is created. While software solutions exist that can massage the data into a more useable format, these solutions may not be appropriate for your business.

Fortunately, with a little manipulation, the standard orders.dat export file can be reformatted using Microsoft Excel to eliminate the duplicate values that render it useless for calculating accurate order totals, taxes and shipping. The process is simple, quick, and relatively painless, and the result is a spreadsheet that provides useful, accurate, relevant data to store owners.

Step One: Start by importing your .dat file into Microsoft Excel

Users who are already familiar with this process may wish to skip to Step Two.

  1. Open a new workbook in Microsoft Excel.
  2. From the Data menu, select Get External Data> Import Text File.
    Import Text File
  3. Browse to the location of your .dat file. Be sure to change the setting in the “Files of Type” box to All Files (*.*).
    Select All Files
  4. Select your file and click Import. On the following screen, be sure the data type selector is set to Delimited and click Next.
    Select Delimited
  5. Select the appropriate Delimiter for your file and click Next.
    Select Delimiter
  6. Finally, click Finish. You will be asked to specify which cell you want your data import to start in. In a new worksheet you should not need to change this reference. Click Ok.
    Specify cell
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