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Saving you time and money is our top priority!
How can we save you time?
With many years of experience as a virtual assistant, we can do all those daily tasks that either get avoided or go undone. The professionalism we provide to your business will give you the opportunity to devote more time to your clients. With Innovative Virtual Creations (IVC) on your team, you will have the necessary tools to watch your business become more productive and grow.

How can we save you money?
We're ONLY there when YOU need us. There's no need to hire another full time or part-time employee. We provide a variety of retainer plans that will fit within your business budget. Those plans guarantee our services to your business for those specified amount of hours every month at a discounted rate.

What benefits can we provide to your business?
Our services will give you the leading edge on your competition. Here at IVC, we can research your business market, proof your press releases or any other article and submit them to newspapers and magazines. We can design fresh new marketing tools such as ads and newsletters to send out to your existing clients.

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